Sunday, June 17, 2012

The "Nain Rouge" from "Legends of Le Détroit" (1884)

To re-write the story of the red dwarf which has terrorized Detroit since its founding would simply be an exercise in cutting and pasting for personal self-aggrandizement. An endeavor which I will most likely partake in at a later date but for the time being I will settle with a republishing of the story as it appeared in the 1884 book Legends of Le Détroit.

I've also included an article about the curious red dwarf by a Border Cities Star (now the Windsor Star) editor, H. L. MacPherson. Written in 1929 it encapsulates the story with a few historical allegories modern to the writing. It's fairly obvious that he borrowed from the 1884 work as the Isabella Stewart illustration is included and the text is fairly similar as well.

Border Cities Star, November 27, 1929
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