Thursday, December 22, 2016

Police Guard Girl Said To Be Witch: Five Bluecoats Needed to Keep Curious Crowd Back From Her House

The Detroit Free Press, January 25, 1917
Five policemen from the Vinewood avenue police station stood guard Wednesday night at the home of Miss Celia Wrobleski, at 260 Twenty-eighth street, to protect her from the curioisty of more than 500 persons who had been drawn there by a report that the young girl was a witch and of late had been transforming herself into lions, bears and so on down the zoo.

Practically all of the curious who gathered in front of Celia's home Wednesday night were foreigners. Many had been there the night before, and, not seeing the rumored witchery then, they returned last night, bringing credulous friends.

The girl, much embarrassed by the report circulated widely in the west side foreign colony that she was endowed with extraordinary powers, remained in her home, with the blinds closely drawn, and would see no one.

Celia's parents blame spiteful relatives for her trouble. They say that they "started the talk" among people who did not know her.

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