Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Virgie Longs to Be a Boy

Detroit Free Press, November 3, 1907 (enlarge)
I was going to write out a synopsis for this interesting article but since there's really no preface or follow-up that can be gleaned from the realm of the written page I should probably leave the original document to speak for itself.

In the spirit of page hits I will add that this is an early foray into transgenderism in Detroit. I won't espouse an opinion on the matter because this is an historical account and not a matter of debate. Not that the Free Press hasn't been fraught with errors in fact since its inception but this is their version of the events leading up to Alice Virginia Marsh's transformation into a boy for a week.

Also, as a matter of aesthetics and utility, the article has been formatted into two columns. It was originally one long strip of text which formats horribly on Blogspot.

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