Friday, December 29, 2017

Policemen Fear Ghosts in the Delray Station

Detroit Free Press, March 1, 1909

No Explanation Can Be Given For Strange Marks On the Walls.

No well regulated policeman believes in ghosts, but some at the Delray police station on West Jefferson avenue believe their quarters are haunted. This does not seem possible, but there is no other explanation.

That station is located in a cottage marshal of old Delray. The station is papered like a private residence, and the police furnishings look incongruous. But it's the paper that brings the mind to think of ghosts.

Strange hieroglyphics have appeared from day to day until the red-figured paper has been entirely covered. To be exact, it looks as if muskrats had amused themselves rubbing their greasy fur against it. No one about the station can explain the marks.

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